One is in a toxic relationship when the relationship experiences a major imbalance. One partner is in great emotional need and is in the giving role in the relationship. The other partner is in the taking role in the relationship. This receiving role leads the relationship and only provides bits and pieces of emotion or physicality. In most cases, this is due to fear of relationships or a narcissistic personality disorder that can be traced back to the person's childhood. The giving role suffers emotionally and psychologically and is the one, who seeks help, to get out of psychological and physical violence.

Toxic Relationship, Counceling
Toxic Relationship


Such a relationship can only be saved if the taking role (negative role) is willing to reflect and change its behavior. If this receiving role is not ready for this, which is usually the case, the relationship is doomed to failure.

But that is the only way for the giving role to escape this emotional need and to develop further. This initially requires enormous strength for the giving role, but it is the only way to a happier relationship, even if only with yourself first.

A single consultation would be useful here.


You are a couple whose love has come of age. You still meet at eye level but miss a lot. Respect for one another is still there. You both want to continue the relationship/marriage.

This is where couples therapy makes sense to talk about the needs of each individual and take advantage of them.

Go with your gut, it's the best indicator you have.

With spiritual advancement that doesn't happen overnight, the unimagined is possible.

Liebe ist die Antwort, Paartherapie, Paar, Beziehung
Love is the answer!


by Erich Kästner

Standing in front of the mirror, he tied his tie

Then she said (and looked at the wall):

"Shall I tell you the dream I had?

I held a knife in my hand in a dream.


I picked it up to stab my arm

and cut into it as if the arm were made of bread.

You were there. We dared not speak.

And my hands slowly turned red.


The blood flowed silently into the carpet tendrils.

I was scared and hoping for a word.

I looked at you. You were in thought.

Then you said: 'The knife is gone...'


You bent down. But it couldn't be found.

I shouted: 'So help me at last!' But you,


you just said: 'You should be rescued',


and watched me like in a play.

I was so cold, as if I should freeze to death.

You stood there with a sad face

and wanted to call the doctor quickly

and get help. But you didn't.


Then you took your hat and coat to go

and said: 'Now I have to go to the office!'

and went out. And I was left bleeding.

And died in the dream. And I was happy about it..."


Standing in front of the mirror, he tied his tie.

And saw in the mirror that she was no longer speaking.

And when he had tied his tie,

he picked up the comb. And tidied his parting.

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