rosacea ist eine Erkrankung der Gesichtshaut
Rosaceae (Rose)

A special diet that avoids trigger factors is necessary to cure rosacea.

 We're taking a holistic approach again. Both the wrong foods, such as animal fat, wheat, etc., as well as psychological problems can trigger or worsen rosacea. Extreme cold or heat as well. Together we will work out what you specifically need to make your rosacea better or to make it disappear completely. The approach here is again holistic. Without laser therapy or IPL therapy. That should be the last resort.

Definition of rosacea: also called spider veins, liver skin signs, telangiectasia, couperose:

Rosacea (rosacea) is an inflammatory, chronic disease of the facial skin that progresses in phases. It starts with reddening of the skin. Vascular dilatations, blisters, nodules and new tissue formation can occur later. Those affected suffer from itching and pain, and the cosmetic impairment is also a burden.

 Rosacea because the small nodules in the skin of the face usually look like small roses. These are sometimes filled with pus or just blood and lie deep in the skin. These should not be tried to express, which usually causes even worse inflammation.

Besenreiser, Leberhautzeichen, Teleangiektasie, Couperose
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