Reiki* - healing energy from above

I am initiated into the first Reiki degree according to Sensei Mikao Usui.

Chakra cleansing Reiki is a flow technique. Divine energy of the universe transmits through the laying on of hands. After invoking the Reiki energies and the angels and archangels as well as the ascended masters, the healing energy of the universe flows through the initiates into the Reiki energy, which the Reiki master then passes on to the sick person by laying on of hands.

Effective treatment for chronic diseases*. This also works over long distances (distance reiki).

Light Healing*

"God is the greatest healer."

It heals the divine power. Do you believe in divine light healing*?

All that is really needed is belief in God. God is almighty. Your free will matters. Ask for the healing power of the divine light healing. Reject all sickness from you. Give up, let go, everything bad and evil.

Then healing happens.

*Reiki treatment or the light healing does not replace to see a doctor and/or pharmacist.