To avoid heardache, follow the basic rules.

If you have met someone new, proceed as follows:

  1. Really get to know the person first, take at least 3 months time.
  2. Only then engage in sex, then you are not immediately emotionally involved.
  3. If you notice the interests do not match, then leave it - find someone who fits.
  4. Pay attention to actions, not statements, much can be said.
  5. Pay attention to the signs. If someone is not interested, then they make themselves scarce, don't know anything about you, have excuses. These are unmistakable signs that you should be on the lookout for someone suitable.
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The magic words are letting go and self-love.

Get to know your inner child. What triggers you? Figure out why.  Do you have the same goals?

Realize that only you can make yourself happy, no one else.