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Nutrition Change

When you book a nutritional consultation, you will receive a free nutrition diary in PDF format.


Healthy eating is easy to implement, tastes good and fills you up. Without the yo-yo effect but with a weight loss guarantee.

It's best to write down for a week what and how much you eat each day. And how you feel about it. Are you tired after lunch? Do you get a headache when the weather is nice?

Many diseases can be improved or even eliminated with a change in diet.

Let all fad diet be. A change in diet that suits each individual is important. Everything else is a waste of time because it doesn't lead to success.


Being overweight can have many reasons.

Often possible reasons can be hormonal disorders or genetic factors.

Also psychological factors have an influence - for example: loneliness, defeats, the loss of a partner or a serious depression.

Food can then play the role of soul comforter. You "sweeten" all the unpleasant things and worries of daily life. Also sexual abuse in childhood.

We solve the problem holistically.


  • carbohydrates
  • animal fat, especially pork
  • sugar
  • industrially processed foods
  • stress
  • lack of exercise
  • depression
  • traumatic childhood experiences

Fat is not your enemy. Vegetable fat is necessary for your body. Only animal fat should be drastically reduced. If you eat meat, then eat organic meet and rarely.


I help you if you have to handle with Rosacea. This is not adult acne, as is often misdiagnosed. With the right diet that avoids the trigger factors, we can get this under control. Goodbye red nose and Spider Navi as well as inflammatory knots (roses) on your face.


Dietary supplements should be taken with caution. Whether there is a deficiency should first be clarified by a doctor. You can also harm yourself with dietary supplements. With a balanced Mediterranean diet and regular exposure to nature, there should be no lack of nutrients, but it can still happen because the soil is exhausted and chemically polluted, monoculture does the rest.

I am not explicitly promoting any dietary supplements here, including spirulina, for good reason. Sperulina is neither filling nor is it certain where it comes from, probably from China, because little Hawaii cannot possibly meet the huge demand. The water there is mostly contaminated with mercury and arsenic.

When it comes to dietary supplements, be sure to check what else is in them. Usually the dietary supplements in which there are not so many additives are exorbitantly expensive. Better to buy fruit and vegetables for the money, you can eat a lot of them and it fills you up but doesn't make you fat.

A few words about vitamin D: especially important in Corona times. Get out in the sun, get rid of the high sun protection factor in sunscreen! Don't block every ray of sunshine!

It is normal in our latitudes for the vitamin D level to drop in winter. Go out in the sun. We need the sun. Every skin has its own protection time. How high this is depends on the skin type.

There are 4 skin types in our latitudes (Europe):

  • Very light, hardly tans (red, light blond hair, blue (light) eyes - self-protection time approx. 10 min.
  • Light, eggshell-colored, does not tan easily (blonde to dark-blonde hair, light-colored eyes (blue, blue-grey, green) - self-protection time approx. 20 min.
  • Light brown, tans easily (darker hair colors, dark eyes, not just brown, others too - self-protection time approx. 30 min.
  • Brown, hardly any tendency to sunburn, tans very quickly (dark eyes, dark hair color) - self-protection time approx. 45 min.

Sun protection factor x self-protection time = time spent in the sun without producing any vitamin D.

If a sun protection factor of 30 comes along.... then with skin type 2 (30 x 20 min = 10 hours) you can stay in the sun without it having any effect on vitamin D formation. And to be honest, when does the sun shine 10 hours a day in our latitudes?

Let's understand what happens with a sun protection factor of 50!

The darker the skin type, the more sun it needs to produce vitamin D! There's a reason our British and Irish neighbors are so fair skinned!

Conclusion: sun protection lotion with a high sun protection factor.... these usually only help those who sell them expensively!

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to enjoy the sun as the skies are chemically inoculated with chemtrails and the weather is manipulated by HAARP facilities. So the sun is covered with clouds.

So get out there as often as you can and enjoy nature.


Forest bathing is recommended to unwind and calm your nerves. Go out into nature into the forest, listen to the silence to relieve stress. You should go into the forest for at least an hour. Find your favorite tree. Just choose a tree that "speaks" to you. Stand or sit by this tree and absorb its energy.

In summer it is a good idea to meditate under the tree and talk to the forest spirits or the angels.

Find stillness to relax. Sport can definitely be a good way to reduce stress. Prefer a run through the forest. It's also an appropriate way to relax.

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