Bullying | Burnout | Gaslighting

We deal with many different people with whom we enter into a relationship in private and professional life. Doing justice to everything is often impossible.

Private life suffers from constant stress and burnout is imminent. Here you have to reflect on how life should go on and whether a change needs to be brought about. Are you ready?


Bullying makes you sick, even those who are not directly affected.

Even employees who are not directly affected are victims of bullying. Because they don't take a stand and don't support the victim of bullying for fear of being in the line of fire themselves.

But not taking a stand means empowering the bully or bullies.

The consequences are an unhealthy working atmosphere. Employees only come to work to earn money. The motivation to work decreases. Some have already internally closed and quit.

As a boss, you can and must counteract this. This is your duty and your responsibility.

Or are you the bully yourself?

From being overwhelmed or from other psychological problems that have their roots in your childhood?

Mobbing, Bullying, Gaslighting, Burnout
Bullying, Mobbing



Like a weathervane.

Are you dating someone who changes their mind frequently? Or do you have a manager you can't rely on?

Today like this, tomorrow like that and the day after tomorrow completely different? Say one thing, do another?

Someone who gaslights does it out of a psychological disorder, it doesn't usually happen by accident. Often the intention is to manipulate.

In extreme cases, only separation from this person usually helps.

Gaslighting is a form of narcissism.


Are you tired, depressed and everything is too much. Your blood pressure is way too high and your private life is suffering?

You just want to get out?

The job sucks and you would rather quit today than tomorrow?

Take a break. It can not go on like this. Are you afraid of losing your job? Great, nothing better can happen to you in this situation.

Burnout, overworked

Sometimes something has to come to an end in order for something new to begin. Something much better that will make you happier and happier.

A break is not a bad thing. Sometimes it is the only way to escape from an unhealthy situation.

A break helps to sort your thoughts and turn off the negative mental cinema. Then come the ideas that give life new impetus and confidence.

Sometimes a partnership that no longer meets the needs of one or both partners has to come to an end.

Everything else means stagnation and blocks personal development.