Archangels - Messages

Archangels and ASCENdED MASTERS

Message from Archangel Raphael

Breathe! When you breathe, you become one with the universe.

Meditate! When you breathe deeply, in and out, you are already meditating. Imagine yourself bathing in a ray of white light, you are completely absorbed in it. A pleasant warmth surrounds you. You feel everything old and bad leaving your body and fresh and clean energy flowing in to you. Feel and realize how your physical body relaxes and the energy flows through your 3rd eye. You are one with the energy.

Your physical body is no more. Repeat this meditation daily before falling asleep. Notice how your energy levels increase over time and your fears disappear.

Buddha and wisdom


Wisdom is not communicable. Wisdom which a wise man tries to impart always sounds like folly.

One can find wisdom, one can live it, one can be carried by it, one can work miracles with it, but one cannot say it and teach it. Of every truth, the opposite is just as true! A truth can only ever be expressed and wrapped in words if it is unambiguous.

Everything that can be said with words is one-sided. When the sage speaks about the world, he must divide it into deception and truth, suffering and redemption. He cannot help it, there is no other way for him who wants to teach. But the world itself, the beings around us and within us, are never one-sided. No person or act is ever entirely holy or entirely sinful. It only seems so because we are under the delusion that time is real, but time is not real. And if time is not real, then the span that seems to lie between the world and eternity, between suffering and happiness, between evil and good, is also an illusion.

In deep meditation there is the possibility of suspending time, of seeing everything that has been, is and will be at the same time and everything is good, everything is perfect. All this requires only your consent, your willingness to leave the world as it is, to stop comparing it to some imagined world. But let me say no more about it. Words are not good for the secret sense, it always becomes a little different when you say it, a little distorted, a little foolish. That's why the teachings are nothing for me, they have no hardness, no softness, no edges, no smell, no taste, no colors, they have nothing but words.

And see, there we are in the middle of a thicket of opinions, fighting over words. That's why I distrust words so much, because I know words are deception.

I don't see wisdom in speaking or thinking, only in doing, in living.

Prayer "Ask for Mercy"

Please Heavenly Father, forgive those who do not yet believe in you. We ask for mercy. Please guide those who do not know about you in a gentle way to knowledge. Grant us our freedom and the peace within us as we learn to trust in you. Unmask those who only worship you for gain, give us the wisdom to recognize them and the ability to forgive them. Take away our fears by strengthening our faith. Send us signs through the angels.

We thank you. Amen.

Message from Archangel Chamuel


Beloved being, the time has come when you need to know that everything is happening as foreseen by us, we will intervene if necessary. Do not be afraid and stay in your spiritual flow, pray. The things that are meant to happen happen, you have no control over them. So there is no need for you to do anything because everything is in flux.

The situation is required as it takes this process to show you who we are. Breathe deeply and meditate when you are sad and cannot accept the divine is happening, because you are afraid. Fear is not a good advisor. Forgiveness is the answer and whatever you are you can manifest for your own good. The power of thought is decisive, what you think, you create. So much more will be yours when you take care of yourself and recognize that it is all just a game to be uncovered and broken. When is up to you. Yes, some of you are not ready yet, so there is no point in rebelling in a physical sense. Send blessings in your prayers and do not judge. The thieves will expose themselves because that is their destiny, when that happens is up to you, your thoughts and actions. Manifesting is enough to create such a positive future. That's how it should be.

Message from Archangel Azrael

It is an advantage if you keep aligning yourself with the energies of the spiritual world. Dark powers still have an influence on earthly events. They want to prevent you from breathing, from taking deep breaths in and out, so that you cannot raise your vibrations. They prevent you from further development. Since you are angry with each other, they have an easy time. Accept other opinions as well, because ultimately the truth is just a feeling.

A feeling in God's hands. Therefore focus yourselves on trusting God and the angels and if you are at a loss, let them make the decision by asking for their help. Get out of the babble of voices into silence and meditate. Believe in our help, which we are very happy to give you. Changes are coming in your life, embrace them, pay attention to the signs, to the people being sent to support you. Say thanks. You will get what you ask for. Many still have to learn to let go. But know that those who go now are blessed and were chosen long ago to assist and heal what is happening on your planet, to heal humanity, for that is the task and more important than ever. Grounding is important, you need to keep grounding yourself,  breathe. Call upon me Archangel Azrael to bring you comfort when you have had to let someone go. Go wherever, to death or to another future. This is how you will grow and be able to resist the dark forces. Be blessed. Amen.

Message from Archangel Michael


I protect you from lower energies. Call me and I will be with you for your protection. I will clear your channel so that you can better receive the higher energies. Don't let the lower vibrations fool you. They will always try to influence you. Through meditation you will raise your vibrations. Meditate regularly and don't let the babble of voices unsettle you.

Look those in the eye who are trying to influence you. Take in their charisma - how do you feel about it? Are you yourself? Do you have something to say to your counterpart, something you like to say, or is it just a phrase that escapes you? The answers are already in the questions you ask yourself. Listen closely. If you ask yourself: "Does the other person understand me?" Then you should ask yourself why you are asking yourself this question. Because if your counterpart understood you, your inner self would not need to ask itself this question. So it is with all questions relating to another individual. However, if you are unsure, give me a call and I will dispel doubts and suggest solutions to you. I will be by your side to protect you.

Message of Jesus Christ


You who belong to God the Father and to me Jesus Christ, I wish you grace and peace. If you think of all that you do in faith, of the love that shows in your behavior, and of the patience with which you hope in me your Lord, you will stand inwardly strong, perfect and holy before God when I am with you to all those who belong to him, come back.

I ask you once again to live as God wants and as we have taught you. You are already aligning yourself with it, and we encourage you to do it more and more. God wants you to be holy; therefore you should not live in licentious desires like those who do not know God. As for love, I ask you to love one another even more. Strive to live a quiet life and mind your own business. Then each of you will live to bring glory to God. Amen.

Message of Jesus Christ


Open your hearts, then you will hear my words and understand them; you will see what I do and recognize its importance.

Open your ears and you will hear my words. Open your eyes and you will see. Open your heart and come to me and I will heal you. I want you to know that salvation through me is available to all and you will accept it.

Message from Archangel Gabriel

Everything is in the river. What should happen happens. There is nothing to worry about. Trust in God. Let it happen, don't fight, it's to your advantage in the end. Breathe in and out deeply, several times in a row, making contact with us. Listen to your intuition, but trust in our Lord. He will show you the way to go. When you are confused pray the "Our Father" it will help you to get clear intentions and it will help you to overcome fears.

Realize that whatever you think about, you create it. Therefore, think about what is good for you and for others, and create your future. Archangel Gabriel

Our Father

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we also forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.


Message of Jesus Christ

To all who are called to faith, they are loved by God the Father and preserved by Jesus Christ.

But false teachers mock the heavenly powers. They are willing to do anything for money. They are like clouds that pass over dry land without giving rain. These are the people who constantly nag and complain and let their desires rule them. They are boastful braggarts and flatter others to gain advantages.

Stay in prayer and let the Holy Spirit lead you in it. Abide in the love of God as you wait for our Lord to bring you eternal life in his mercy. Have mercy on those whose faith has faltered.


A praise to God

All glory belongs to the one who can keep you from falling and who prepares you to be spotless and rejoicing in his great glory. He alone is God our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord. To him belongs honor, majesty, power and authority; before all time, now and forever! Amen. Jesus Christ

Crystal clear intentions


Become clear about your real desires and focus on realizing them with unshakable faith. If you don't know how, ask for divine guidance. Rest assured that if you meditate and ask us for help, whatever you desire will come true.

Breathe in and out deeply several times. This is important. It's important that you breathe. You can connect with us faster if you breathe in and out deeply.

Your thoughts come to rest. This way you can better keep in mind what you wish for in order to develop yourself spiritually. That is ultimately the bottom line. Trust that you deserve divine abundance. When you breathe, you can better recognize the clues we are giving you. Blessed be.

Archangel Michael

Create priorities - focus

Now it is important to focus on the essentials and to remain steadfast. Block out the noise around you. All the background noise that confuses you, they don't matter. Stay focused on what brings you spiritually now. All superficial things will not help you but only hinder you, remove you from the actual path you have to go. Now it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This includes people and situations that are no longer up to date, that are not good for you, that do not help you on your spiritual path in life. Breathe, meditate this will help you connect with us and focus. Please ask us for help on this. Follow your intuition. Meditate to strengthen your intuition.

Archangel Metatron

Divine Order


Everything is now as it should be. Recognize the divine order.

A satisfying situation arises in which there are no losers. This requires that you have blind faith in the fact that the heavenly forces are at work to achieve the best for all. You just have to trust. Ask me to increase your confidence when you begin to doubt. Use positive thoughts and prayers to stay confident. Above all, make sure you use only positive and optimistic words in your conversations and thoughts about the situation. Your power is so great that positive thoughts can only accelerate the solution. Trust in the essential good in people. I bless you.

Archangel Raguel

Message from Archangel Metatron

Don't get confused. It is important now to focus on your inner guidance. The solution is not outside. Old ways do not lead to the goal. Fear is not a good advisor. Since fear arises from a search for a solution on the outside, it is important to look for solutions to your questions within yourself. The spiritual world helps you with this. Nothing that can be acquired materially is important. You will be taken care of when you engage in spiritual communication. Stop looking outside for your happiness and you will be perfect. I am Archangel Metatron.

Jesus Christ

My question to Jesus Christ was: Why does the Bible contain so many prohibitions and scares?

My dear child, don't be sad about humanity. Not everyone understands like you my child. A lot of people don't know what love means.

I'm glad you found me, it doesn't matter how. The Bible is not necessary for this, as you know. It is a work written long ago for people who were lawless. The people who still live and act according to this today still need inner guidance. They are very insecure about their actions. It is not necessary to act to the point of self-abandonment.

Much of this is not my words, as you already know. They were written by people after my death. So don't worry my child, all that matters is that you found me. Draw your strength from prayer and follow your truth, because only this is relevant for you.

I love and protect you in all your ways.

I greet you with love. -Amen-

Holy Mary


My dear child, you are blessed, know that everything you undertake is for your good and protection. Say the Ave Maria, let go and see what happens. Anything you start now will bring you blessings and happiness. Keep believing. The change that is happening now is for the good of all. Even if you can't see what's going to happen yet, the fear has lessened. The calm you feel now will remain if you keep believing. Heaven will support you in everything you do. Believe in unconditional love and let go of all earthly possessions. They will not give you what you are so desperately looking for. The people who suit you will come soon. Recognize the signs, they are there.

I love you and I am with you. -Amen-

I am mother Mary


Ave Maria (a version of the prayer)

Theotokos and Virgin, Hail, Most Gracious Mary, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, because you gave birth to the Savior of our souls.


Message from Archangel Sandalphon:

Your wishes will be granted if you ask for them. The creator is ready in his infinite love to fulfill your wishes. Ask and you will be given. Make sure that your wishes do not serve your own end, but all people in this world. Then the earth will ascend to a new higher dimension.

Believe that the changes you are making now will be for your good and benefit. I am Archangel Sandalphon.

Message from Archangel Sandalphon:

Your prayers have been answered. Don't let go of your trust. you will be victorious. Pay attention to your words within you and to any kind of music. They are the answer to your prayers. Know that your needs are being met in a positive way. Let go of all your worries and fears.

Feel comfortable in your own skin and know that your success is a blessing to other people.

Archangel Azrael says: "Don't go into fear.

Don't be afraid of death in this day and age. The Corona virus will not affect anyone whose destiny is to accompany the earth in her current ascension. Only souls who do not want to carry this new age are allowed to leave now. You made that choice yourself.

Call me when a loved one is gone and you need comfort and support. Do not worry, but know that both you and your loved ones are taken care of. Call me and I will answer your questions. My aura shines in a creamy white, you will recognize me by that."