The following websites are worth checking out in my opinion. The content helps raise the mental and physical vibration level of anyone who is willing and willing to engage.

Because healing and spiritual development should be accessible to every individual, that the negativ can disappear.

Please note the disclaimer on this.

Bruno Gröning (1906-1959)

Quote from Bruno Groening: "God is the greatest healer."

Bruno Groening's teaching - God heals - is continued by the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.

The documentary film - The phenomenon of Bruno Gröning

about the work of Bruno Gröning is highly recommended.

Christina von Dreien

Christina von Dreien is a young woman with multidimensional perceptions and paranormal talents who has not lost these talents to this day.

For Christina, these talents are nothing special. Because these abilities are dormant in each of us and can be brought out again when we are ready.

I would like to recommend her book - Consciousness Creates Peace - because there she explains how we can bring out these abilities in ourselves again.

The New Earth Manifesto

You can never change things by fighting the reality that already exists.

If you want to change something, create a new model that will make the existing one obsolete and replace it.

Buckminster Fuller