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Holistic life coaching - KArla Flemming

Nice that you found my page.

I advise you holistically in matters of relationship, nutrition, healing, local astrology and spirituality.

I am a servant of the light. I live unconditional love and anchor it deep here on earth.

We are all God's children and we are connected to the original source / God. Unfortunately we forgot that. That is why many still live without trust in God or do not know (anymore) that the original source / God exists.

That's why I pick everyone up at their very own individual level of consciousness. The coaching approach is also tailored to this individual awareness. I.e. if you can't do anything with spirituality, the coaching will have a worldly approach.

"In the end, love always wins."

about me

More about me. I am the mother of a grown son. I have worked for many years in a 9 to 5 job in the technical field. I was a mother, wife, colleague at the same time. Then I became divorced, I changed and I experienced spiritual development.


A few years ago, wondering why I always end up with the wrong people and partners, I delved into toxic relationships and found answers to my questions about them. From then on, I was able to take a huge step in self development. I understood that you can only make yourself happy and that no one else can or has to fulfill this part. You can only change yourself. And we all brought our patterns with us from childhood and only we ourselves can recognize and change these patterns. The same applies to partners or people with whom we are in other relationships with. When we have recognized what the causes are, suddenly everything becomes very simple.

A change in diet then took me to the next level. Because of the pain, my body could no longer do its job properly. I looked for a solution and found it. 

Karla Flemming, your holistic life coach
Karla Flemming, your holistic life coach


I reduced my weight by 20 kg when I was 50 years old. It wasn't that difficult and the result was convincing. I felt great and things fell into place again. And most importantly, the pain was gone.


I found God or the original source in 2019, when I was already 51 years old. Before that I was a self-confessed atheist.

I read reports from different people who all had near-death experiences in different ways. What they all had in common was the experience of universal and unconditional love. At a Reiki initiation I had my very personal meeting with Archangel Michael. He stood in front of me as a figure of light and smiled, his sword was placed in front of him. I will never forget this happy feeling that flowed through me, as well as this picture. From then on, I had no more doubts, that when we die, we just return home.


Some time ago I was able to get to know the healing stream of God. Because God is the greatest healer. This Heilstrom is available to everyone and everyone can receive it. Go for it.


I pick everyone up at your level of personal development, regardless of whether you already have a lot or little spiritual experience.