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The horoscope is the symbolic representation of the movements of the heavens in relation to the earth. The sun, the moon and the planets are considered to be archetypal forces that are constantly being formed into new constellations in the zodiac.

The beginnings of astrocartography, which initially developed in the USA, go back to the work of the astrologers Bradley, Fagan, Duncan, Bailey and Lewis.

The view corresponds to the general self-understanding of astrology today. The moment of birth has a formative effect on the individual's disposition and determines the basic pattern for further developments. However, the focus of this type of observation is entirely on the temporal aspect, and the importance of the location is only rarely considered.

However, both space and time are fundamental factors in creating a horoscope. And while the time of birth is immovable, the geographic location can be effectively changed.

The mobility we have achieved gives us greater freedom in choosing where to live, work or vacation. The attention is directed to the respective influences of the environment, which can have a positive as well as a negative character.

This corresponds to the essence of astrocartography. Every person recognizes their own personal place of power and can exert a conscious, constructive influence on the further course of life through the knowledge of their own places of power.

Orstastrologie, Relokationshoroskope, Astro-Landkarten, Astrokartographie
Orts-Astrologie - finde deinen Wohlfühlort

Relocation Horoskope

Mundane astrology does not deal with the dates of birth of certain people, but with important astrological events such as, for example, solar and lunar eclipses or the entry of planets into the signs of the zodiac. Statements are then derived from this, which are usually related to certain nations or to the whole world.

Astro maps can also be generated and drawn for such events, so-called mundane astrological maps.

Mundane Astrocartography

The basic principle of astrocartography is based on the technique of relational horoscopes. The existing birth chart is created for a different reference point, as if the birth had taken place there at the same time.

The new horoscope image then provides information on the extent to which living conditions have changed as a result of the change of location.

If you want to know the place where you will have optimal success in the world, then request your personal astrocartography horoscope. You will get a pdf file.

I can look for places where you would like to go or I can look for your places where your Jupiter lines are.

Even a holiday trip can be wonderful if you go to the right places.

Description and development of 2 soul places; costs: 120, - €.

Request a quote for special requests.

Languages: German and English

Note: The time of birth can be obtained from the registry office at the place of birth.


Example - Astrocartography Horoskope
Example - Astrocartography Horoskope | german version
Astrocartography Horoskope
What you get..... Example - Astrocartography Horoskope - of course in English
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Personal global places of strength in your birth horoscope

Are you in the right place?
Are you in the right place?
Global Birth Horoskope
What you get
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