Nice that you here on my website.

The first step to start a new, more fulfilling life is done.


 love, Hate , Lovesickness, narcissism,  toxic relationship,
Be you!

I can help you with your relationships.

I focus on narcissistically toxic, pathogenic relationships.

Why I do this? Because I was exactly in the same situation as you are probably now.

Long-term marriage with a narcissistic man with full codependency.

After this I fell in love with the wrong men. Met wrong friends and colleagues also.


I took a long time to come over it. But it worked. Now I want to pass on my knowledge to you. Because there are ways out of such problems. It won't be so difficult as you maybe think. You only have to be ready to change your life.

Without this willingness, nothing will move  ...... you have to be ready to change!


If you have managed something like this , you can develop spiritually.

Meditations and consultation with the spirit world can also help you to get through difficult situations that life brings.

With meditation and questioning the Akashic Chronicle, unanswered questions can be answered by the subconscious.

But there are also worldly answers which we can figure out to help you.


Please note that I am mainly passing on my experience here. Of course, I have dealt intensively with these topics on a psychological level and know a lot about them, but I'm not a psychotherapist in the legal sense. Therefore read the disclaimer.

If you are in an acute emergency, mentally or physically, do not hesitate to call the social psychiatric service in your catchment area or the emergency of your country.


 Love Karla