Message from Archangel Azrael

It is an advantage if you keep aligning yourself with the energies of the spiritual world. Dark forces still have an influence on earthly events. They want to keep you away from breathing, from breathing deeply in and out, so that you cannot increase your vibrations. So they keep you away from advancing. Because you’re angry with others, it’s easy for them. Let other opinions apply too, because ultimately the truth is just a feeling. A feeling in God's hand.

Therefore focus on trusting God and the angels and if you don't know what to do next, let them decide by asking them for help. Get out of the babble of voices into the silence and meditate. Believe in our help, which we are very happy to give you. Changes are pending in your life, accept them, pay attention to the signs of the people who are sent to you to support you. Say thanks.

You will receive what you ask for.

Many of you still have to learn to let go. But know, those who are going now, are blessed and have chosen, a long time ago, to support and heal what is happening on your planet, to heal the humans, because that is the goal and more important than ever.

Grounding is important, you have to keep grounding yourself. Breathes.

Call me, so I can give you comfort when you have to let someone go to die or to let go to some other future. So you will grow and be able to resist the dark forces.

Be blessed.


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